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Would you rather get a reward or be happy?

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Apparently all payments using Venmo, including the real name, are public by default for everyone! venmo.com/api/v5/public?limit=

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"My target, he pointed out, touched only 10% of the world's one billion internet users at the time," said Pichai. "I countered that 100 million was in fact aggressive."


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A bash script to convert a PowerPoint document to Markdown. Currently destroys all formatting, but copies out images.


don't destroy formatting


Da bin ich bestimmt nicht der einzige der das kennt.


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@walialu Yeah sorry you can get Neofeud on Linux or Mac but only on Itch.io right now: silverspook.itch.io/neofeud

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When you're accustomed to Gsuite Business (or Enterprise) (from @google), Outlook Web App (from @microsoft) is a joke. It hurts, every time I have to logon :(

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Food (vegan) Show more

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a friend of mine once had the domain: snort.co.ke
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The most descriptive thing, when it comes to my mood / how I feel right now, is this song 💪


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so um. git already has a pull request workflow built into it through email, and it has an escape hatch to let you dump the contents to stdout... i wonder why github and the like never picked that up?

seems like half of what you need for federation right there

Okay, I've to admit that I'm very happy that @microsoft ❤️ bought @github 💻 , flame-war is on 🔥 . Microsoft is not the same anymore. Stop all this hating, please. They did some horrible things to Skype. Yes. They did some horrible things with Office and Excel and Word. Aye! But, they are trying to right their wrongs. Stop hating them, please! After all, they're a company. They have to pay bills. They're doing great atm, really, no irony at all.

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#Amazon treats its warehouse workers badly, pays very little tax and tracks its users. Its #Kindle platform will delete books that people have already bought.

Here are some updated ethical alternatives to #AmazonBooks, Kindle and #GoodReads:


Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions for alternatives, if you have any more suggestions (or feedback on these alternatives) please reply to this post.

#Kindle #Goodreads #Privacy #DeleteAmazon #DeleteKindle #DRM #eBooks #Books

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Playing with Pop!_OS 18.04 LTS on my MacBook in VMWare and I'm in love.

This is a developer's dream operating system. System76 have crafted – standing on the shoulders of Gnome Shell, Ubuntu, and countless others – a more minimalist experience than Apple. It’s delightful. Huge respect!

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“10 years ago today:
• jQuery was battling Dojo, YUI, and mootools for dominance
• node.js wasn't a thing
• Firebug was the only real developer tool
• Chrome wasn't released yet
• nobody took JavaScript devs seriously

Things change a lot in 10 years.”

#JavaScript #WebDev