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Would you rather get a reward or be happy?

I'm really happy to announce that the company I work for has just publicly opened a #Mastodon instance for all its 5000 employees.

This is the result of an initiative @moritzheiber and I have started a year ago and have pushed through with the help of many other colleagues.

So if you want to hear my voice as a #thoughtworker, you can follow me here: @judeswae

Or find others to follow at

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GitLab open sourced push mirroring and added it core. This is a great win for #decentralization!!! You can now run your own canonical GitLab instance & easily mirror to GitHub for findability.

Read more here:

Another reason why GitLab is #1

#federation #fediverse #decentralize

When I see that, I think it's time to link Twitter profiles for a better UX.

Jay Shetty talks about , so on point (as always)!

Some of you might find this content disturbing, but I don't think we should close our eyes or look the other way.

Tumblr tried to sneak in data collection under the radar. After a few taps, you can get a list of who they're sharing data with.

The list takes 19 screenshots to see all the names on my phone.


< longfilename.txt grep searchexpression

Did you know you can put the input/output redirection prior to the command receiving the input. This can be confusing to read, but may have some history editing advantages.

When you're staring at the code for hours, trying to refactor it in a way that makes everything easier and then it hits you. All your refactoring is garbage and the solution is so easy, but you're too tired to get it done now 😢

Microsoft and Google are jointly disclosing a new CPU security vulnerability that’s similar to the Meltdown and Spectre flaws that were revealed earlier this year.

An Pfingstmontag dürfen Bäckereien also nicht geöffnet sein 😢. Man lernt jeden Tag was neues 🤔. Wir sind zum Frühstück eingeladen und haben gesagt, dass wir Brötchen mitbringen 👻

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Alternative way to represent data in more sentence-like form in a UI rather than matching fields to a database


More American schoolchildren have been shot to death in 2018 than American active-duty military personnel.

Stop trying to save the country.

@faithless Everything is fine. Texas Lt Gov wants to ban schools having too many doors that way shooters have a harder time getting in.

That’s right Texas will ban doors before assault riffles

Eating plants is not the same as eating animals, I can plant the remains of plant and start life again.