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Would you rather get a reward or be happy?

I bet this problem will go away if we have more fucking meetings!

🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔
is this a joke

been exploring #secondlife more in my downtime like some kind of sci fi virtual archaelogist

there's just soooo much stuff! and 99.9% of it is completely abandoned! you really get a sense of _how much_ people thought this was going to be a thing in 2005!

there's a blog post brewing in my head about the past and future of digital spaces and why SL is so unique and what we can learn from it. we'll see.

Oh no.

Oh this is gonna be BAD.

Millions of old registration forms are just going to be unfinishable now. Great. Good.

Ahahaha, it took me over 12 minutes to upgrade - backups included. I've to upgrade to faster SSDs, more CPUs and more RAM! 🐘

Anyway, I'm sporting 2.3.2rc2 now! 😜

Madness, I'm still updating.. Thought my beast machine would make it happen in 2 sec :/

Going down for mainenance. See you in 2 minutes :D

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@gargron @jeroenpraat @deadsuperhero what if the picker sorted by number of categories an instance belonged to? More specific instances would be shown on top, and Todon could be at the bottom of every list if they want.

Firefox, Edge, and Safari Browsers Fall at Famous Pwn2Own Hacking Contest

Safari, Edge, and Firefox were the favorite targets that fell to white hat hackers at the world's most well-known competitive hacking competition - Pwn2Own 2018 - held over the past two days in Vancouver, Canada.

My main motivational driver is just people using my software. I live on that shit

Injecting keystrokes on a SSH client via an X11 forwarded session